Our Goal

When you’re a creative nomad, change is inevitable.

Our Serenity Project has changed around because of my lipedema disorder. The original plan was to buy the RV so we could gate guard and earn enough money for lipedema treatment in Germany. That didn’t work out for many reasons – one of which was having to replace our minivan earlier than we anticipated when it broke down. So we had to recoup. My disorder was getting worse, we needed money to get to Germany, what can we do?

We got another job and moved to Fredericksburg, Texas as of August 2015. We’re going to save money, continue to declutter, and we’re going to Germany for my lipedema treatment by the fall of 2017 or earlier. So our plans are off by a year but that’s okay.

I’m not discouraged. We’re still working towards the goal of my health care, and that had to come before traveling anyway. We still need to have a steady income and that hasn’t happened yet. So we’re going to work, we’re going to save, we’re going to try tent camping again, and we’re going to visit some great places around our new home.

liberty-exterior2When we return from Germany,  we’ve decided to get a Casita camper and a cargo van as our tow vehicle. This is so we can continue to operate our eBay store on the road. So it looks like our full time traveling will start at some point in 2019. I am definitely getting out there by the time I’m 50!


We’ve broken down the steps for achieving this goal.

1. Create / grow freedom businesses (we’ve already started a few!)

2. Have those freedom businesses replace our current incomes plus some for savings (goal is $3000 month)

3. Declutter our home and minimize our belongings.

4. Go to Germany for treatment for my lipedema.

5. Work for a few more years to buy our RV and cargo van.

6. Buy the RV and begin full-time travel.

It’s a lot to do and that’s why we have this site – for accountability as we work towards our goals.

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