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Tablet phone on the beach, bplanet, freedigitalphotos.netThe concept of a Freedom Business is about building an asset or set of assets (your business, or other small ventures) that help you get closer to your ideal lifestyle. –Colin Wright, ExileLifestyle.com and Start a Freedom Business



We’re both in our early 40s and need to make a living, whether we stay put in a sticks-and-bricks (a regular house, for those outside of the RV world) or traveling. There are multiple ways to earn money while traveling, including workcamping, staying in one area and working a temp job or even living in an RV while working a regular full-time job and saving money.

We don’t want to be tied down to a specific area any longer than 3-4 months. This means we may take up a workcamping job or two, but as our goals are independence, freedom and mobility, we need to be able to earn a living while on the move. This is where our freedom businesses will come in.

Our businesses:

Online sales – Amazon, Ebay, Etsy

Transcription and Virtual Assistant Services

Niche Websites (affiliate marketing, Adsense and other types of advertising and sales)

Ebooks sold on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords and other platforms

Life Coaching

Follow along to see how we build these businesses and get closer to our goal. We may come up with a few new ideas over the next two years as well.

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