September and October Business Status Update

Nov 04

September and October Business Status Update

I didn’t do a September update because we only sold 1 thing in September – a comic book for $5. So I did a combo video for both September and October. You can watch it below or read down for a summary of the video.

Amazon Sales

We sold a few things on Amazon in September and October. We sold a paperback in September. It was a paperback I sent in, in January 2014. This was a King Arthur book already in our personal library. This book sold for $7.99 – fees of $5.45 = net $2.54

I sent in a box of 45 books in September. We sold some shampoo I’d sent in, in January 2014. I’d spent only .57 on this shampoo. It was a clearance item at Dollar General and I had a coupon. We also sold a Cruella DeVille toy I’d sent in at the end of 2013. I bought it for $1.99 on clearance just after Halloween. We also sold one of the books that just got sent in – Principles of Composition in Photography from 1972. It sold for $20 and we paid about .40 for it at a book sale. The last thing was a book called The Swords Trilogy. It was a book from our personal library. It was sent to Amazon FBA in May of 2014.

Amazon FBA is simple to get into when you sell something like books, but you need to be careful with all the fees they charge. They’re now charging long term storage fees on all items where they used to let you have 1 item exempt, which was great for books since you rarely have multiple copies.

Books are good for FBA too because you don’t have to jump through any special hoops for them to become ungated, or open for you to sell on Amazon.

eBay Sales

On eBay we sold another Conan comic for $5 plus shipping. We had a loss on eBay in September due to only selling one item and paying for our store fees. We sold 5 things in October. We sold a vintage Brighton wallet I’d found at the Goodwill Outlet (the bins). I loved this wallet because it had so many pockets and little things to discover. It sold for $25 plus shipping. We sold a personalized necklace for $4.50. I’ve been running a 10% off sale on weekends. We also sold a book from our personal library, Dreams, a fantasy art book, for $13.50. The last thing we sold was a lot of old skeleton keys for $12. These sell well as an option for mixed media art. We had another loss from October due to the eBay fees and our sales not covering our fees.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

On Amazon KDP sales, at the end of September I received just over $40 for book sales in July. In October I received $63.97 for all sales. This was for sales in August. I did an experiment and put some items on sale. I have all books exclusive to Amazon and I did some freebie giveaways and some countdown sales.

Business Stats

As of October 31 we have 293 items on eBay, 59 items in Etsy store #1, 18 items in Etsy store #2, 394 items in Amazon FBA and 12 books under the Kindle Direct Publishing program.

Overall Changes and Goals

Going forward we want to find a more effective way to list quickly on eBay. We aren’t listing the way we should and when we do it takes a very long time. We want to stick to a schedule when we’re off work so we can better build our businesses. We want to list what we have before buying more. We’re going to start focusing on smaller things – glasses, salt and pepper shakers, ties – so we can move those items with us when we travel. I’m working on another book now to add to the KDP program. We have a lot of books from the book sales to send to FBA, so I want to add another shipment this month.

November Business Goals

November goals are to stay home and work. We will spend time with our son for a few days and may take Thanksgiving off, but otherwise we’ll be working. We do want to have a camping trip in December if we can get the hitch on our new Suburban and are able to make arrangements to either bring the dogs with us or board them again over Christmas.

Thank You!

Thank you so much for following us as we grow our businesses so we can live a more free and independent lifestyle.

Our eBay store is twocreativenomads and the Etsy printables store is Nomads Posters and Prints. You can also find me on Amazon under Christina Routon, author.




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