October Update

Oct 17

October Update

We’ve been pretty busy since school started back and our days at work are filled with getting eight boys to school then to after school activities. Our days off have been worked around doctor appointments and replacing our truck after a car accident. 

I shared on Facebook that we were going to a book sale in Ennis, Texas. On the way home Scott was about to make a right turn onto a side road on the way to pick up the dogs and someone came around him to pass on the right. We hit each other and ran off into a ditch. She ran into a field. No one was hurt, but our insurance totaled our red truck. They paid off the loan and we even got some money – enough to replace it with a low mileage Suburban. So now we have a vehicle with a back seat! If you check out our Facebook page you can see video of our truck at the tow yard and a brief tour of our 2003 Suburban. 

That same week that we went to the book sale Scott wasn’t feeling well and by the time we started back to work Tuesday morning I had a cough I couldn’t quite shake. I went to urgent care twice – the first time they said sinus issues and the second time bronchitis – the second time since July when we went to Terlingua. I’ve finished all meds and I’m still coughing, so today I’m off to an ENT. It’s not easy getting up at 5:30 in the morning and dealing with eight kids and all that goes with this job when you’re not feeling well, so I’m praying the ENT can help find out what’s wrong and get it gone. 

October is a busy month for us, though. We’re off on vacation Friday and at the end of October we’ll be at the Alamo City Comic Con in San Antonio. We just went to the Monolithic Dome open house in Italy, Texas and I’ll have video up soon on our You Tube channel. I’ll also be sharing from the Comic Con on our Facebook page and I’ll put up a video of that trip too. We’re not taking the camper since we’re going into the city. We’re going to stay at our first AirBNB apartment. 

It’s also fourth quarter for our eBay and Amazon businesses so we’re trying to keep things listed and shipped in a timely manner. 

So that’s our October update. I hope to share more during the 10 days we’re on vacation, but you can always connect with me on Facebook and be sure to check out our You Tube channel if you haven’t already. 

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