August Income Report and eBay Storage (Video)

Aug 31


On eBay, we sold 11 of the Conan comics in August, all to one seller. We also sold two Christmas stockings. Don’t wait to list Christmas items! We also sold a Claiborne wallet and a lot of costume jewelry and pins. I’m enjoying the new seller hub showing the benchmarks and our gross sales and expenses. We really need to list more because we have a premium store but we aren’t making the most of our included listings. We can list up to 1000 items but we’re just below 300 right now.

For Kindle sales I made just under $50. I need to make more on Kindle because I’m going to use this money that was paying for my niche site to pay for the professional account as an Amazon seller. I plan to focus on writing more in the new year.

We didn’t sell on Etsy but I did start a second Etsy store as an experiment. I have 50 digital items listed in my first Etsy Store. The second store is going to be for selling ephemera and vintage books. I started by moving some postcards and photos from eBay to the Etsy store and I’m listing some items I recently got from a book sale.

Our purpose is to make a full-time income ($48,000 is our goal) with our freedom businesses, so we are trying out ephemera and smaller items in order to be able to travel and carry our inventory with us.

My main Etsy Store is Nomads Posters and Prints. Our eBay store is Two Creative Nomads. I’m not going to share the new Etsy store yet so I can have a chance to experiment and get more items listed.

I listed 45 books to go to Amazon FBA. Due to the box size and our scale I haven’t been able to send in the books yet.

Goals for September – Send in books to Amazon, list 80-100 items on eBay, attend a book sale, continue to organize our inventory.


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