Marshmallow’s Maiden Voyage – Audio Post

Aug 24

Marshmallow’s Maiden Voyage – Audio Post

So much happened during this trip. We left late and arrived in the dark. We ended up having to bring our cat, Sunshine, because she needed medication for a UTI. The CO2 alarm kept going off. Listen or read below to find out what happened.

Audio was recorded in our truck so there is some background noise, but you should be able to hear us okay.

What went right?

All of the hookups worked. We had an electric and water site. We had to adjust our water pressure so we had to figure out how to adjust the  pump handle on the water hookup. Scott had initially lifted the handle only halfway, so we had low pressure in the shower and in the sink. He pulled up the handle – he had to tap on it a little bit to get it to move, but our pressure got better after that.

AC worked well.

Our refrigerator worked well. It has a switch for AC and propane. It automatically went to AC with no issues and kept everything cold.

What Went Wrong

The CO2 alarm went off twice for no discernible reason. I researched it and found out many Casita owners had trouble with the alarm going off. It went off when using the hair dryer and when Scott sprayed hairspray, but it didn’t go off when we were cooking that night. I was at the bathhouse the first time it went off, so Scott grabbed Sunshine and left the camper because he wasn’t sure why it had gone off. I found out others had disconnected their alarm because it kept going off.

We were going through the book for the set up and the instructions said to open the stove vent cover on the outside of the camper. It was loose and it blew out when the exhaust fan was running, but I spent too much time trying to get it to stay propped open. Then we found out that it didn’t have to stay propped open, it just needed to be loose.

Another item on the set up list was to open the shower drain valve but it didn’t say where it was. The water drained fine, so the valve was open, but if there’s a way to close it I don’t know how. I looked it up online and found some people saying it was under the trailer hitch at the front of the camper but we couldn’t find it.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is very small. It’s about the size of an airline bathroom. The toilet was very high and uncomfortable. I also stepped on the shower drain and it bent. It’s draining okay, but I did bend it. Scott used the shower both days, but I used the bathhouse. Scott liked that the shower wasn’t fixed – it can be released from the holder. It also has a button top stop and start the water. This conserves water and also keeps it in the bathroom instead of spraying all over the camper. You do need to dry off the walls and floor of the bathroom before using it again. The handles seemed fragile but we didn’t have any issues with them. We didn’t have any problems with odor from the black tank either.

The Water Pump

We were hooked up to a water connection so we didn’t need to use the water pump, but the switch was at the sink and I turned it on by mistake. The pump is used when using the water tank when you don’t have a connection. I didn’t realize I’d turned on the pump for an hour. I did call Casita the next day and was able to speak to someone and they said it shouldn’t cause a problem. We’ll know the next time we go out, I guess. We’ve decided we’re going to label the switches so this doesn’t happen again.

The Bed

We used the Queen bed configuration and it was plenty big enough for the two of us. We had more room to sit in this set up. I was able to sit with my feet up and Scott was able to sit up straight. The bed was hard. We need some type of a topper or mattress to go on top of the cushions. The bed was also very flat and I needed more pillows. We did realize that the back of the camper wasn’t level, so we did jack it up and that helped for the second night, but it was still too hard and flat. We both were comfortable on the bed and had plenty of room to move around. Unless you’re really tall there shouldn’t be any trouble with fitting on the bed.


We needed space for big and small things. The small things were keys, wallets, sunglasses, my purse – we didn’t have a place to put anything. Scott had his flashlight, keys, wallet, pocketknife, etc. on the shelf on top of the refrigerator. But we were putting our food in the large opening above the refrigerator, so everything had to be moved. I was scared things were going to get lost. We’re going to get some stick on bins or boxes for the side of the wall to put these things in. I’m also going to get a hook to hang my purse on. We didn’t use some of the storage at the back of the camper because it was hard to get to. We also had our cat with us, so we had her litter box (Clever Cat – affiliate link) in the bathroom and it kept having to be moved around because it was in the way.

Our suitcases were also in the way and kept getting moved around from the bed to the door. We definitely need to first think about did we need to bring everything we brought? But we also need a cover for the truck bed. Our truck is a single cab with an open bed. Once we have a topper we can use the truck for storage instead of having everything in the camper with us.

We also didn’t think about where to put dirty clothes or our shoes at night. Everything seemed to be in the way.


We were tracking in dirt and grass, so we need a small broom or vacuum to carry with us to help keep the camper clean. The casita is all carpeted so keeping it clean will be an issue.

The Fan

I had to fiddle with the fantastic fan before it worked. I ended up having to take out the fuse and put it back in before it worked.

The Stove

Our stove worked wonderfully. We made sure the vent was open on the side and turned on the fan when cooking. We had some gluten-free pasta for our supper. Propane worked well and was only $10 to fill up one tank.

Wasps and Ants

We had wasps building a nest in the vents and under the propane cover. One attacked me when I opened the cover. We need to get some screens to put behind the vents to prevent this from happening again. We also had to spray the tires and around the bottom for ants.


Everything went fine with the trip and towing.

We’re not sure when we’ll be going out again. Right now we’re planning for October, so we’ll see how that goes. We’re focusing on our eBay and Amazon businesses right now. The next time we’ll go out we’ll talk about what we did differently.

A request from Scott

If anyone has updated their Casita or travel trailer  to look like Barbarella’s space ship, please let us know. Scott wants to see pictures.

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