What Sold in July? – Income Report

Aug 10

What Sold in July? – Income Report

I had this ready a week ago but I wasn’t able to upload to You Tube and was having issues with my computer saving the video file. I finally was able to get to the library to use the wifi and got this finished.

We sold several things on eBay in July but I’m looking forward to the summer slump being over. I also made a decision to cancel my long-time niche site that I’ve had since 2011. By August 19, it will be gone. I do have it updated and some of the information will go a new site. I’m also going to keep the ebooks available on Amazon as they are my biggest sellers. We’re going to use the money I was spending on the niche site to upgrade to the Amazon pro account.

Are you an eBay or Etsy seller, or do you make a passive / online income? Share links to your progress reports in the comments below, or ask me a question.


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