Creative July Update

Jul 20

Creative July Update

I haven’t been as creative as I’d have like during the month of July. I’ve been playing with some tangle art in a sketchbook and ordered some zentangle tiles from an Etsy store, but most of my creativity has all been with the businesses in mind. I’ve created videos, blog posts and quote posters for the Etsy store, but nothing really out of my comfort zone. I wanted to do something more and do it every day, but it just hasn’t happened.

I’m going to keep going as there is time left in July, but I know I’m doing my best to be creative in some way. I love using the zentangle tiles and I’ll share some of my tangles here. I’m also sharing some stuff on Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to follow me.

What have you created this month for Creative July? Let me know and share your photos in the comments.

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