Cameron Park and the Bosque River, Waco, TX

Jul 15

Cameron Park and the Bosque River, Waco, TX

One of the most beautiful places in Waco is Cameron Park. One section of the park is called Mouth of the Bosque. Another section is called Lover’s Leap. Visitors can look down onto the river from this overlook atop a white rocked bluff.


Cameron Park is named for William Cameron, a resident of Waco. The park was dedicated in 1910. The park sits along the Bosque and Brazos Rivers. There is also a 52 acre zoo in the park. It’s popular with runners, especially Jacob’s Ladder, a set of steep stairs located at one of the pavilions near the river.


Early in the summer and during the day these areas were almost deserted, save for a few runners and walkers on the trails. I found plenty of shady spots to park and sit.



The river was higher than I’d seen it before due to heavy rains during the year and the current was strong. I could see dead trees that had been wrenched up by the river’s flood waters race by my parking spot.



One of my favorite things to do is to spend time in nature. It refreshes me and makes me more relaxed. I also love being near water. Just the sound of it is calming.

Do you enjoy being near water or in nature? What’s your favorite spot? Let me know in the comments.

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