Belton Lake and the Dead Fish Grill

Jul 11

Belton Lake and the Dead Fish Grill

A few weeks ago after a few doctor’s appointments in Belton, Texas, we decided we’d just stay overnight, be close by for our next appointment the following day, and explore around Belton and Temple, Texas. After our appointment Scott decided to drive away from town on some of the back roads and we found Belton Lake and Belton Dam.


I’d tried to find a place to stay on the lake, but the only place I found was a campground and we didn’t have our marshmallow ready yet, or a group of cabins but that was too expensive. So we settled for a hotel in town but we decided to enjoy some time at a park near the lake and then eat dinner at the Dead Fish Grill.

Belton Lake and Dam, Belton, TX

Belton Lake is a US Army Corps of Engineers reservoir. The lake provides drinking water for Belton and is a popular destination. There’s a nature center nearby that I want to visit the next time we’re in town. If you happen to come through and want to camp, though, only one place hasn’t been flooded this year (as of summer 2016.) The heavy rains have flooded out several parks and camping areas. We drove over a long bridge and could see light poles and pavilion roofs sticking up out of the water. The road to a boat launch was completely submerged – it just ended at the water. I have no idea when these parks will be ready for camping again. The water looked pretty deep.


We ate outside on the back deck at the Dead Fish Grill. It was hot, so we should have gone inside, but I wanted to stay near the water for as long as possible. The sun was setting so I had to keep moving my chair so the sun wouldn’t blind me when it came out from behind the clouds. We watched boaters speed by, others stopping for a quick swim in the blue water.

The Dead Fish Grill cost about $50 for the two of us, including tip. Scott and I both had the steak special made gluten free style. They had several options for vegetarian and gluten free. I don’t remember any vegan options, but it may be possible to make a vegetarian dish vegan. We had steamed veggies with our steak and potatoes. They were very good, especially with my iced margarita in the salted glass. Can you believe it was my first margarita in Texas? We’ve lived here for 2 years. I have to make up some time.

Since we’re spending several days near Belton due to doctor’s appointments, we do plan to stay in the campground there instead of making the hour long drive each day or staying in a hotel. We stayed at the Budget Inn in Temple one night. It was very nice with renovated rooms and a good price of $50, but the wi-fi didn’t work and the lighting in the room was bad.

Travel Notes:

There is a lot of construction on I-35 going through Belton and Temple. If you can, take the 363 loop north to go around most of the construction through the city then you can get back on the interstate when you get to the Buccee’s  in Temple at the top of the loop. This is if you’re going north to Waco. If you’re heading south, get onto the 363 loop when you get to the Buccee’s and continue south as far as you can. This is a 4-lane road with little traffic.

Stay at the Budget Inn in Temple if you need a place to stay. It’s affordable and right off I-35. If you want to avoid the construction, though, find something further north.

Have you ever been to Belton Lake? Where is your favorite lake? Let me know in the comments.

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