Creative July

Jun 27

Creative July

In one of my last posts, I talked about needing a creative outlet in addition to our business goals. This creative work may be writing these blog posts, a short story, a novel or even a poem. I also like to play around with Gimp, Canva, and other photo software. We also want to travel and enjoy our new camper. Sometimes, though, I don’t feel very creative, especially when I’m working. During that seven days my focus is on the boys I’m caring for, Scott, and my own physical needs for food and sleep. But since creativity is important to me, I’ve decided to find some type of creative outlet every day for 31 days, starting on July 1.

I’ll be sharing my work on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, and I’ll do a roundup blog post about my progress once a week. Why don’t you join me in this challenge? When I post I’ll use the hashtag #CreativeJuly

Here is my list of things I plan to work on during April in no particular order. I’m keeping it loose because some days, especially when I’m working, it may have to be something I can do quickly. I may do these more than once.

  1. Create a word quote poster using graphics software.
  2. Write a story.
  3. Take pictures based on a theme.
  4. Play around with a Zentangle(TM) or line art project.
  5. Make a new recipe.
  6. Create a digital (or IRL) memory project for someone I love.
  7. Doodle with my art book, pens and pencils.
  8. Make an acrostic with my name. Use adjectives that describe what’s beautiful and wonderful about me.
  9. Go geocaching in a local park.
  10. Make something to give away.
  11. Buy a craft kit and make the craft.
  12. Build something.
  13. Color in a coloring book.
  14. Use Tagxedo to make a word cloud.
  15. Take something old (a book, photo, whatever) and make something new.

I know this is only 15 things, but like I said I’ll probably do things more than once. The point is to be loose about it and just be creative in some way all month. I hope you’ll join me and we’ll have some fun.

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