What Sold on eBay May 2016

Jun 10

What Sold on eBay May 2016

We didn’t have a lot of sales in May but we made them all within a week. Scott and I were in Georgia when these sales came through, so he shipped them off when he flew back to Texas.

You can watch the video or read the summary below.


We sold the following items:

2 Savage Sword of Conan comics – $8 each

2 Savage Sword of Conan comics – $14 each

1 Armadillo shaped set of salt and pepper shakers – $15

1 paperback book bundle, Ravenloft books – $20

1 book bundle, Underworld books – $25

1 Advanced D&D book, legends and lore – $15

It’s not a lot but summer is a typically slow time on eBay. We’re using this time to organize our apartment, hit yard sales and thrift stores for more inventory, and keep listing. Our goal is to hit 1000 items in time for the holidays. We have just over 150 items now.

What have you sold on eBay or would you like to start selling? Let me know in the comments.

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