The Power of Asking

Mar 02

The Power of Asking

1 John 5:15 (NLT) And since we know he hears us when we make our requests, we also know that He will give us what we ask for.

A few weeks ago Scott and I flew home to Georgia to visit family. We had tickets on Southwest but we missed our 6am flight by about 15 minutes. We made it through security and got to the gate where the previous flight had left. We were told that there was another flight at 7:35 am that routed through Dallas, but it looked full. But we could get on standby and if we could get to Dallas, the flight from Dallas to Atlanta should be pretty open.

So we ate breakfast and waited for the agent to call out for standbys. We’d been told they would call out for standbys about 10 or 15 minutes prior to the flight leaving. Well, that time came and went. At 7:30 I went back to the ticket counter and asked the attendant about standby since they never called it. She found three seats, then told us to hurry because the flight needed to leave. First, I felt she and the gate attendant were rude to us when telling us to hurry because 1) they never called for any standbys and 2) we were zipping our bags as fast as possible.

Customer service aside, the point is that if I had just waited for the attendant to call for standbys we wouldn’t have made the 7:30 flight. If we’d sat there and waited, the flight would have left and we’d still have been at the airport in Austin, waiting for the next flight. I had to ask to get on the flight, and even though the attendant acted as if I was bothering her – they probably weren’t going to call for a standby for three empty seats – I asked for what I needed.

How often have you needed something and just sat by, waiting for someone else to make a move or finish a project? Even if you can’t do your part until that person finishes their part, how often do you ask them about the progress they’re making? I know when I have to do something like that I feel as if I’m nagging the person or bothering them, like with the gate attendant. But if they’re supposed to do something – finish a project, call for standbys, make a phone call or send an email – and you need that information, then you need to ask. Otherwise, what happens? You miss your flight. You miss a deadline. Your boss asks you what happened and if you say, “Sally didn’t get me the information I needed,” how silly does that sound? And when the boss asks you, “Did you ask Sally for the information?” and you say no, that makes you sound even sillier.

We need to stop being scared to ask for what we want. This doesn’t mean we need to be rude about it. We can be polite and friendly. But if we need to make that 7:30 flight or we need that phone call or that email sent, we need to stop sitting around and waiting for others to get it to us. We need to ask.


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