2016 Goals

Feb 24

2016 Goals

Two years ago we started our first blog, Creative Life Enterprises. This has now changed to Two Creative Nomads because we have met part of the goals we set at in 2014.

In January 2014 this was our goal – to be self-employed with at least two freedom businesses, buy an RV, and begin a creative lifestyle of freedom, independence and mobility by January 2016.

In December of 2015 we put down a deposit on a Casita Freedom Deluxe travel trailer at the manufacturer in Rice, Texas. We secured a loan through our credit union and we’ll be picking up the trailer on March 4.

The self-employed goal hasn’t been met. We’ve tried several business ideas over the past two years but they haven’t grown the way we’d hoped. Sometimes life got in the way, like when our van broke down and we didn’t have a vehicle for two months. At that point, building a business was the last thing on our minds and just being able to make enough money to repair it or replace it was the goal – along with being able to get to a grocery store five miles away.

So we’re changing up some ideas and planning to focus on building them the right way this time around. I’m a dreamer and I tend to jump around from project to project. I even outline the method I’m using in my free PDF, the SMART Goal Planning Guide for Dreamers (free when you sign up for my email list). But Scott and I have discussed it and we’ve decided that working on three and four projects each year is too much, especially with the limited amount of time we have. We’re working seven days on and seven off as homeparents at Methodist Children’s Home, and while that sounds wonderful, it can be stressful and tiring. For example, we may get off work on Tuesday around 11:00 am or noon and end up sleeping the rest of the day or running personal errands. Wednesday is pretty much lost, or part of the day is, because we’re resting. We have to be realistic about our physical limitations as well as our financial limitations.

I’m a cheapskate – I call it like I see ’em – but after two years of trying to build an Amazon and Ebay business that works on our own, I decided it was time to invest in some training. I know there’s a ton of information on You Tube and podcasts, and I’ve listened and watched most of them. Some of them I just don’t have time for or I don’t enjoy. I’m not trying to be a “hustler” or “dominate a niche”. I just want to have a livable income from our businesses.

I happened to virtually meet a fellow entrepreneur in a Facebook group when Scott and I lived in Alabama. He also lived in Alabama, but was a few hours south of us. He sent me a friend request and we started to correspond. When we knew we were moving to Texas, Scott and I decided to meet up with this fellow entrepreneur in person with his wife. We met in Eufaula, Alabama and enjoyed some great BBQ along with great conversation. This guy told me about Jim Cockrum and his course, Proven Amazon Course.

Now, this is still a goals post, not a sales pitch. The link above isn’t even an affiliate link. I looked at the course and joined the free Facebook group, hoping to maybe win a free course. Jim gives them away every time the group adds another 1000 members. I’d never heard of this guy, though, despite his bestselling book on Amazon (affiliate link) and his popular Facebook group. But this fellow entrepreneur had bought this course and was going to work the plan – and he did. He shared with me some things he was doing and his sales during 2015. When all was said and done, my friend had six figures in sales and was continuously growing. In comparison, Scott and I were struggling.

So for 2016, with a new job and some money available, we talked about it and decided it was time to see what this program could do. So we bought the Proven Amazon Course and plan to work through it step-by-step. I’ll have a review post about the course in about five or six months, once we’ve been through the material and worked on it.

So our goals in 2016 are still the same as before. We want to be self-employed and live out our dream of a creative and independent lifestyle. The plan for doing this is different, though.

For the next six months, we are going to faithfully work through the PAC program and build our Amazon and eBay businesses again. I know we don’t have to do eBay, but it’s fun for us. We like to find strange and unusual things to resell. These two businesses are going to be our primary focus. We’re going to reinvest any profit into the businesses and live on the money from our houseparent job.

Focusing this way is going to be difficult for me. I like to jump around and work on new things. But I know deep down this is the right thing. If we keep jumping around, then we’re lacking the focus we need to succeed.

I still plan to write Kindle books and work a bit on the Zazzle store, maybe do something on Etsy, but those projects will come AFTER the work on eBay and Amazon is done. These will be strictly creative, fun, projects for myself, not necessarily profit making right now. I know I need that creative outlet, though, and I need to be true to myself in that regard.

So I’m making a plan for our seven days off, a plan that will take into account our physical and emotional needs to rest and recuperate but will also give us time to focus on our businesses. By this time in 2017 I hope to have met yet another part of our goal and be well on the way to self-employment.

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