Fredericksburg (Texas) Food

Nov 04

Fredericksburg (Texas) Food

We haven’t been to a lot of restaurants in Fredericksburg except the DQ and Sonic. Right now we’re saving for an upcoming trip to Georgia. But we have eaten at a couple of places, so I thought I’d share them. We still need to find a spot for some good German food and I’d like to try some seafood too.

The first place we ate was Burger Burger. It’s on Main Street and is close to the hotel where we work. We sat outside and I was kind of uncomfortable first because the chairs are small. That’s an issue with me and my lipedema hips. It was also evening and they still had the fans and misters blowing. That made the patio a bit chilly for me. But the food was good. I had a burger on a gluten free bun with sweet potato fries. Scott had a burger but with regular fries. I loved the sweet potato fries. They were perfectly cooked and crispy. They did mess up the order and put olives on my burger. These weren’t just any olives. They were Kalamata olives and they are now one of my favorites. They have a tart taste to them and they were very good on my burger.

We did a build your own burger, and even though I ordered a different burger than Scott they charged us the same. The drinks were also a bit high. We ended up spending about $50 on two burgers, drinks, the fries and the tip.

The next place we ate was Opa’s Smoked Meats. It’s across the street from the hotel so it’s convenient. We did a taste test of their smoked ham, turkey and jerky. I really liked the ham. They don’t have a restaurant, but they have take out food. We couldn’t eat the sandwiches, but we’ve grabbed some homemade chicken salad to have as a quick lunch. We’ve had the salad by itself and we’ve also grabbed some gluten free bread from the grocery store and had a sandwich. If you like jerky, smoked turkey, ham, etc. you need to go by Opa’s.

One of my favorite places is Crystal River. It’s also on Main Street. It’s a little diner type restaurant. They play oldies music and the movie Grease plays over and over again on the screen. We like to go there for milk shakes and floats. They have a good variety of ice cream and the mocha shake I had was really good. I was disappointed in the food, though. We ordered the cheesy, cheesy nachos for a snack but I told Scott that gas station nachos were more cheesy. The nachos consisted of corn tortilla chips with melted shredded cheese on top. I’ve heard their chili and soups are good and I’m willing to give them another try.

The next place we decided to have lunch was Java Ranch. We started out getting a cup of coffee there but then found out about their lunch menu so decided to stay for a while. Scott had a chai tea and I had sweet tea with my lunch followed by a root beer float. The drinks were good but I was disappointed in the salads we ordered. I ordered a chef salad with ranch dressing. It consisted of a plate of iceberg lettuce, a few small cherry tomatoes UNDER the lettuce, and some chicken and ham on top. The meat came from Opa’s, so that was the best part of the salad. There wasn’t any onion, boiled egg, nothing else that typically comes on a chef salad. I liked the atmosphere of Java Ranch – the cabin-like walls, the western themed mural – but I don’t think we’ll be back for the food.

We’re going to try out a few more places, but since we’re saving money right now and because of our work schedule, it’s not a priority. I do want to try out the two favorite German restaurants, and we may pick one to eat at in November. But if you eat at a restaurant on Main Street in Fredericksburg, it’s going to be expensive. I hope the quality of the food will be a bit better than we’ve experienced so far.

Burger Burger – 4 stars.

Crystal River – 5 stars for milkshakes and atmosphere – 2 for the nachos.

Opa’s Smoked Meats – 5 stars for the awesome smoked ham and turkey and homemade chicken salad.

Java Ranch – 4 stars for the coffee and float, 2 stars for the salads.

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