What Are Your Word Weaknesses?

Oct 21

What Are Your Word Weaknesses?

I noticed when I wrote my first fiction novel I used the word “really” a lot. Like all the time. Anytime someone was happy about something or something amazing happened, their reaction was, “Really? Like honest and for true really?”

I recently read this article geared to blog writing but it can be used for fiction and non-fiction writing as well. We all tend to have the words we repeat over and over or perfectly fine words that could be a bit stronger. Why do writers need strong words? If you’re writing non-fiction, strong words help make your point quicker and easier. If you’re writing fiction, strong words help the reader get into the story and stay there.

As I read through the list, I noticed a lot of weak words that I use without realizing it, like the redundant phrases. How often have we said or written “advanced forward” or “actual facts”?

How I’m Planning to Use This List

I’m working on an outline for another novel. After I finish the first couple of drafts, I plan to go through this list one-by-one and search for the words and phrases. I’m going to include this in the editing phase of my process.

I’ll also start using it the same way in my non-fiction and my blog posts. I know it will help my writing and make it better.

What are your word weaknesses? Did you see any mentioned in the article? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


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