Cosmetic Bags Available on Zazzle

Oct 14

Cosmetic Bags Available on Zazzle

I mentioned about a month or so ago that we were adding Zazzle to our freedom business plan. Since then I’ve been adding more designs to the main store and focusing on the cosmetic and travel bags. These are some of my favorites.

I really like this cute penguin on a mint green background. This bag is perfect for a Christmas gift. This is the travel accessory bag for $39.95, but you can get it in all sizes. You can even monogram it with your name or initials.

green penguin zazzle bag







This tie dye hand print on a red background is another favorite. You can personalize this one as well. I really liked the pattern of the multi-colored hand print and I think I matched it well with the red background. The font also is just fun to me.

tie dye hand cosmetic bag







This is another of my favorites. I started with the green stripe background and knew the bag needed something else. The background alone wasn’t enough. I had this patchwork type flower design so I placed it on top of the green background and it just worked. It seems to pull out the pink stripes in the green background. I also like the font used for the name. Remember, you can personalize these bags any way you want.

flower bag on green stripe background







These designs are printed right onto the bags. They’re made in the USA by Bagettes, located in Kansas. They’re great quality and would be perfect as a holiday, birthday or anytime gift. Or you can buy one for yourself.

You can visit our main store, Creative Nomads, to place your order. Zazzle always seems to have a discount going on, so check out the website and be sure to read the banner at the top. That’s where they’ll announce the deals and any coupon codes they’re offering.

What do you think of Zazzle? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


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