Happy Birthday to my Dear Husband and Fellow Creative Nomad

Sep 30

Happy Birthday to my Dear Husband and Fellow Creative Nomad

I met my future husband, Scott, when we were eight-years-old. I was new in school and he was happy to show me around. We became friends and that September he invited me to his ninth birthday party.


Scott's ninth birthday party

Scott’s ninth birthday party

I’m in the green dress on the left. Scott’s blowing out his candles and wearing a white tee shirt. I don’t know why, but my grandmother had this picture in one of her albums. I don’t know how she got it, but I’m glad she did.

He celebrated his forty-something-ish birthday a week ago. We spent the day together in San Antonio before driving back home and ending the day with a hard apple cider and a movie. It was a great day.

Happy birthday, Scott. I look forward to more adventures with you.


  1. Awe so sweet! Happy Birthday to your fellow nomad!! To many more!!

  2. What a lovely story Christina. And Happy Birthday to Scott!

  3. Cute! I love hearing stories like this. My husband and I weren’t 8 when we met, but we were just 13. It’s a special bond when you grow up together <3

  4. What a sweet story! What did you get into in San Antonio? I lived in Texas for 18 years and miss it dearly (I consider it “home”). I could really go for a yummy breakfast and coffee from Mi Tierra 🙂

    • We ran some errands and shopped at the Goodwill outlet store, then had some dinner. Mi Tierra is a great place to eat. He’s never eaten there. We need to go back.

  5. Happy birthday to your hubbie. I met my husband when we were around 12 and will celebrate our 32 wedding anniversary this month. Feeling very blessed to have found my soul mate 🙂

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