Is There a Formula for a Successful eBay Store?

Sep 16

Is There a Formula for a Successful eBay Store?

I’m sitting in my recliner with a box of eBay items in front of me. When we moved, we packed everything and put the store on vacation.  We didn’t want to take a chance on selling something and not being able to find it.

Now that we’re getting settled, we’re unpacking and getting organized. As we find things, we’re checking the prices and the shipping information, then relisting the items.

We’ve also started sourcing again. We hit a few yard sales and focused on small items that we were sure would bring in at least $30. That’s the new plan for our eBay store, aside from a few things that are still going to be priced a bit lower. Our lowest price needs to be $30 and the items need to be small enough that we can store them in a bin in one of the back rooms of our new apartment.

As we’re growing the store, I’m keeping in mind what Jay and Ryanne on Scavenger Life say about numbers. They give 500 items as the target number to reach $2,000 month. They’re actually doing an experiment now where they started a new store in addition to their large anchor store. They’re almost at 500 items and they’re seeing if that number is a reality. Five hundred items is our goal as well, especially since we’re paying for a 500 item store.

But is there really a formula to a successful eBay store? A few people mentioned in one of the seller Facebook groups that they have less than 100 items and they’re making $500 to $1000 month. Others have a lot more than 500 items and they’re barely making $200. Of course it depends on what you’re selling, your pricing, your fees and how you’re listing your items. Are you listing them at auction or Buy It Now? Do you offer international shipping? All of these things make a difference in sales.

I don’t know if the 500 item “formula” is true, but it gives us a goal to shoot for, especially with the holidays and fourth quarter on the way. We’ve decided to make one of our days off a full on work day for us, so I’ll be listing eBay items while Scott is working on organization and storage.

Do you think there’s a formula for a successful eBay store? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.



  1. I honestly find ebay intimidating and I’ve never listed anything, but this has me intrigued! I’ll have to check out your shop 🙂

    • It’s really not hard, and the app makes it really easy. There are so many groups and podcasts for help too. Our store name is Two Creative Nomads. Feel free to stop by 🙂

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