Working the Book Sale and Yard Sales

Aug 27

Working the Book Sale and Yard Sales

This post was originally published on June 24, 2014

It’s summer! Not one weekend goes by that I don’t see a yard sale over the weekend, so it’s time to hit up a few to get more eBay and Amazon stock. I haven’t been as good about going as I should have been, but I’m trying. The fun part is the shopping after all.

The first place I went a few weeks ago was the library book sale. This is a semi-annual sale at the library branch closest to us. I used some of Cynthia Stine’s tips as well as FBA Mastery’s Ninja tips and took some notes before I went.

When I first got there, I got my bearings. I didn’t want fiction. I wanted non-fiction and textbooks. So first I scoped out the small room and found the non-fiction side. One of the FBA Mastery’s tips is to know the kind of books you want. So I knew I wanted to start out with textbooks, business and religion. Most people were on the fiction side, so I had most of the non-fiction section to myself. I also scanned some homeschooling books since I’m familiar with the brands and what they go for.

I spent less than $20 at the book sale. I went back in twice because I didn’t follow one of FBA Mastery’s tips – bring a cart. I was hand carrying all the books and had to carry them out to my van.

After the book sale I drove through the neighborhood and hit three yard sales. These were just random yard sales that I’d passed on the way to the library. I found several items to sell on eBay – an awesome pair of boots, a child’s Hello Kitty purse, a medium sized Care Bear and some clothes. The last sale I stopped at had some interesting glass pieces, but I felt the prices were too high for a yard sale. For example, they had some crackled glass vases for almost $8.00. They must have researched on eBay first before pricing.

I finished out the day with some retail arbitrage. I went to Walmart to pick up a salad for lunch in the deli section and found some toothpaste on sale. I picked it up with the last of the money and it went off to Amazon in the next FBA shipment.

Scott and I spent the next two weeks getting the rest of the items processed and up on eBay.

This was my first venture out into the world of yard sales and book sales. I have to admit it was pretty fun. I’m keeping track now of the library sales in my area. The main library downtown actually has an ongoing book sale with monthly deals, so we’ll definitely be checking that out in the near future.

Have you hit up any yard sales or book sales for inventory this summer? Did you find something awesome? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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