The Art of Extreme Self Care – Month 2 – Mirror Work

Aug 23

The Art of Extreme Self Care – Month 2 – Mirror Work

I found my book! It’s been difficult keeping up with things in the middle of a move.

This chapter seems easy, but it’s difficult for me. It’s all about mirror work.

This lesson comes from Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life (affiliate link). The basics are you look into the mirror every day and tell yourself, “I love you, Name.” So I would say, “I love you, Christina.”

Cheryl Richardson shares in this chapter how she met Louise and heard about the mirror work, so she did it. And it was hard at first. But by the end of the month she was speaking to herself and thinking of herself with a lot more kindness than she did when she first started.

This has been very hard for me. When I see a mirror or go into the bathroom, I feel as if I’m avoiding the mirror. It’s hard to look directly into my own eyes. I find that even when I’m applying makeup I may be looking AT my eyes, but not INTO my eyes. I avoid really looking at myself. It’s also hard to do this and feel okay. I tell myself, “I love you, Christina,” but then I see my sagging skin, the hormonal acne, the redness from the roseaca, the gray hair – and it’s hard to believe the words. This is a very hard thing to do.

I’m going to keep on, though. Before I do anything else when looking in mirror, I’m going to say, “I love you Christina.” When I’m brushing my hair or my teeth, I won’t avoid my own eyes. I want to make it a habit to be comfortable seeing myself and doing so without judgement. This isn’t easy. This makes me feel strange and scared and a lot of other feelings I don’t know how to explain. But self care and self love is very important. It’s important for our health and well being and self esteem. I know that God loves me, Scott loves me, our son loves me, my family loves me, even our dogs love me. But I don’t love me – and that needs to change.

Here is Louise Hay talking about mirror work –

How do you feel when you really look at yourself in a mirror? Can you say, “I love you,” to yourself for an entire month? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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