A Drive Down US 90 – Alpine to San Antonio

Aug 07

A Drive Down US 90 – Alpine to San Antonio

We left the Lajitas, Texas area and drove north to Alpine. This time I was prepared for the 70 miles with no restroom. We used the facilities at the gas station in Study Butte, filled up with gas, then stopped at the small Cottonwood Grocery Store to pick up a late breakfast. We were on the road to Alpine by noon.

We ate lunch in Alpine then headed out again, but instead of taking I-10 to get home we headed east on US 90. The road was empty, the speed limit was 75, and we continued to see mountains on either side of us for most of the trip. We did go through a rough storm with high winds. I asked Scott if he wanted to pull over, but he felt that if we stopped the winds would be worse than if we were moving. We finally made our way out of the storm. It was nice to see the blue sky ahead. We filled up with gas again in Sanderson, and that was the last place we had service on our phones until we reached Del Rio.

Google Photos – Alpine to Langtry, US 90

We visited a surprise museum along the way in Langtry, Texas. We needed a restroom and a quick break, so we followed the signs on US 90 to the Judge Roy Bean Visitor Center. It was just after 5:00 and we were glad they were still open. The visitor center was really the only thing in this small town. The gas station / restaurant next door had closed. There were people working on an RV park, though, with spaces advertised at $20 night. The Pecos River was supposed to be nearby, but the representative told us about the bridge a bit further down with a good view of the river. We walked around the visitor center grounds and gathered some guidebooks for further Texas adventures.

Google Photos – Langtry, Texas

We did come to the Pecos River bridge, and there’s a parking area on the left (as you’re heading east on 90). We pulled off and took some pictures, but the large trucks and cars speeding by on the bridge made me nervous. There is a walkway and a small overlook at the bridge, but the picnic area on the bluff overlooking the canyon is where we wanted to go. So we headed a short distance down US 90 again and turned right, taking a narrow, curvy road up the bluff to the Pecos River Overlook.

We had a great view of the river and the bridge from the overlook and I took some great pictures. Scott made me nervous walking to the edge of one of the cliffs so he could take pictures. There was a wall on part of the overlook and some fencing, but it was temporary fencing. We spent about half an hour on the overlook before heading into Del Rio and stopping for supper.

Google Photos – Pecos River 

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We passed by Lake Amistad but didn’t have time to stop. That’s a spot on our wish list now. We saw a little campground up on a bluff above the lake, so we’re definitely planning to come back and explore the area. There are other historical sites and a fort we passed by and we wished we had more time.

It took us almost 12 hours to get back to San Antonio on US 90 instead of the nine hours it would have taken on I-10, but I’m glad we did it. We got to see a part of Texas we hadn’t been before, we had a couple of nice detours in Langtry and at the Pecos River, and we were able to hold onto that vacation feeling for just a bit longer.

Have you ever visited the Pecos River overlook, Langtry or Alpine? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.



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