Should You Keep Your Goals to Yourself?

Aug 06

Should You Keep Your Goals to Yourself?

From the archives – this post was originally shared on February, 26, 2014

I watched this short TED video the other day about goals. Derek Sivers, the speaker, recommends keeping them to yourself.

Derek says that talking about our goals tricks our minds into thinking we’ve accomplished them or that we’re close to achieving them. One way to talk about our goals is to ask for accountability.

One of the reasons for starting this blog is to share our goal of living a full-time mobile lifestyle and a creative life. That’s where we’re headed. I fully believe that. Part of what I believe in is that by acting as if you’re already living your goal to the best of your ability helps it reach you sooner. But if you don’t talk about them, how can you act as if they’re here?

What do you think? Do you talk about your goals? Should you? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.



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