A Short Drive Down the El Camino del Rio – Lajitas, Texas

Jul 31

A Short Drive Down the El Camino del Rio – Lajitas, Texas

While we visited our son in West Texas we found out that the El Camino del Rio, a scenic road that reaches to California, was nearby. We decided to take a quick drive one afternoon to check out the scenic views.

The road is called The River Road and it falls between the Rio Grande and the hills of Big Bend Ranch State Park. The road twisted and curved it’s way between the mountains, feeling as if we were on a roller coaster with no idea what lay behind the next hill or curve. At times the road seemed like it was going to end right at the top of the hill. It’s a beautiful road, but a bit too hilly and curvy for me to be comfortable on.

I took a quick video as we were driving, but it turns sideways because I changed how I was holding my phone. It looked fine to me when we were driving, but I didn’t notice it was sideways until watching it later. But I hope it gives you some sense of how it felt to be on that road with all the ups and downs.

We will go back, though, now that we know what to expect from the trip.

Video of El Camino Del Rio Drive

You can see more photos from the El Camino del Rio drive in our Google Photos album. I’m also selling prints in my Zazzle store.

Have you ever ridden on the River Road – El Camino del Rio? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


  1. Wow!! Bucket list! haha thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! I’ve been wanting to make out to west Texas. It is its own kind of beauty. I love it! May need to wait for fall or winter for that though. It’s too hot right now for me.

    • It is very hot out there, but it’s beautiful! It’s definitely a must see. The entire drive from Alpine to Study Butte just had one breathtaking view after another.

  3. I love taking drives with my hubby down little dirt roads… we haven’t managed to get entirely lost on our adventures, but I sure would love to see more of this state I call home!

  4. Neely Moldovan /

    Very cool I really need to see more of Texas!

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