Google Calendar as an Editorial Calendar – Keeping Track

Jul 30

Google Calendar as an Editorial Calendar – Keeping Track

We are moving from San Antonio, Texas to Fredricksburg, Texas! I’ll be sharing some archived content during this time, but I can’t wait to share our adventures in Fredricksburg with everyone. This post was originally shared on January 30, 2014. 

With all the different businesses and the writing I’m doing, plus the online sales, I need a way to keep track of everything. I do this by using Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) and Google Calendar.

I created an editorial calendar within Google Calendar. You can see a screenshot of it above. I use different colors for different businesses. I also have publishing days and topics highlighted in yellow.

I keep track by dividing the different businesses up throughout the week. One day I may write a lot of content at one time. The next I’m packing and shipping to Amazon. Every other Saturday I’m sourcing product to sell on Amazon or Ebay. I have access to the calendar on my phone and my tablet, so I know what business I’m working on every day.

I also keep a to-do list under Google Tasks on the right side of the calendar. I have different lists for different businesses. Every morning (or the evening before) I check my calendar to see what business is scheduled to be worked on that day. Then I check my to-do list. If it’s a content creation day, I go into Google Drive and pull up a spreadsheet I made. It lists the dates, the topic, the title of the post, and if it’s been written or scheduled. This way I know exactly what topic I’m going to write about and I’m able to write ahead of schedule.

There are times I get behind or I just have too much going on that day to get to everything on my list. When that happens, I just start over the next time. This is another reason why I try to work ahead. If I need a day off or another issue comes up, I don’t have to scramble to make sure something is being posted.

Here’s a YouTube video that I followed that helped me set up my calendar:


  1. I love my google calendar for keeping track of my life! I haven’t used it for an editorial calendar though! I use CoSchedule and its FANTASTIC!

  2. I would have never thought to merge the two. I struggle to stay on track so I need to try this.

    • It’s working well because I’m synced up with Google calendar on everything. I use Google Calendar for the themes and Google drive to actually plan the post topics.

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