Adding Zazzle to Our Freedom Businesses

Jul 28

Adding Zazzle to Our Freedom Businesses

While testing other money making ideas I’ve looked into print on demand products at Cafe Press (I’ve had a cafe press store for years) and T-shirts through Teespring, but I’ve decided instead to focus on Zazzle and their print on demand platform.

Why Zazzle?

The difference in Zazzle and Cafe Press is that Cafe Press limits me on the number of products of one type I can have listed. As an example, I can only have five phone cases or five prints at a time. Zazzle doesn’t limit me. I can also have multiple stores if I want, so that’s what I’m doing. Right now I have three Zazzle stores – one for cosmetic bags, one for prints and posters and one for wedding invitations, but it will also include greeting cards and invitations for other events. I’ll probably change the name on that store to reflect that.

While Zazzle offers the same type of print on demand items that Cafe Press offers, I’m focusing on certain products and working on building the pipeline for those products instead of just sticking the design on everything from greeting cards to coasters to T shirts. I’m also researching to see what designs and items are the most popular or where there is a lack of products. For example, for the wedding invitations there is a glut of summer wedding designs but not as many for fall or winter. So instead of going with a summer theme, I’m going to focus on the off seasons.

I have the most items in the main store right now (Creative Nomads), the one with the cosmetic bags. My goal is to have over 1000 items in that store by the end of the year. The prints and posters store is also growing but slower because I’m using my own photography for this store and it’s taking time to make sure the photos are the right size and resolution for what I’m offering. I’m also cross posting the prints and posters to eBay. The wedding invitation / greeting card store only has one design right now. This one takes more time because I want to offer related items along with the invitation and that takes time. I’ll be focusing more on that store after we’ve finished moving and getting settled into our new place.

It feels good to have another creative outlet. I haven’t made any money from Zazzle yet, but I’m looking forward to getting my first payout from them as I continue to grow all of  my stores on the platform.


  1. I’ve worked with Zazzle before and I love their platform! I’ve gotten some great personalized gifts from them for Christmas!

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