The Art of Extreme Self Care – Deprivation

Jul 26

The Art of Extreme Self Care – Deprivation

Awareness is a powerful catalyst for positive change – Cheryl Richardson

When I first read this chapter I thought, I’m not deprived of anything. I have a job, plenty of free time, and projects that make me happy. But as I write this I do realize there are some things I’m deprived of and some things to keep in mind as changes come over the next few weeks.

I feel deprived of money – money to save, to have fun, and to take care of medical needs. We took this job knowing the salary and that we would have to make up the difference in some way, either by one of us working outside of the storage facility job or building our own businesses enough to make additional money. While the businesses are making some money, it’s not enough to replace the income I gave up when we left Alabama. Vehicle repairs have put us in debt and now we’ve had to buy another vehicle with higher insurance and payments where our van was paid for.

I feel deprived of a challenge. In my old job, I was an office assistant, and while it sounds simple it really wasn’t. I had new duties each day, errands to run and meetings to plan. There was downtime and I enjoyed being able to work mostly on my own, but there was challenge in the work. I’m not feeling that challenge in this job. While I love the downtime and the opportunity to work on my own projects, I know it’s time to move on.

The awareness of being deprived of these two things has definitely brought about change, and I believe they’re going to be very positive. We are changing jobs and moving to Fredricksburg, Texas. The new job will pay more money, still allow us to work together, and offer a new challenge. While I’m happy for that, I remember back when I had the office assistant job and wanted to work on my own projects. I felt deprived of time  – time to write, time to watch a movie, time to just do nothing. I don’t want that to happen again.

To prepare for the move and the job change, I plan to work ahead as much as possible so that I can do my new job to the best of my ability. Also a big part of self-care will change with the priorities being eating good food and rest. I remind myself that there will be an adjustment to the new work schedules and duties and my own work – this blog, our ebay business, other projects – will still be there once things even out. But taking care of ourselves has to come first.

It was awareness that first led us to make changes. Awareness of our marriage led to a divorce and reconciliation. Awareness that the life we were building in Alabama wasn’t what we wanted led to a move west. Awareness that this job didn’t hold the financial rewards or the challenge I need in my work has now led to a new job with new opportunities. Awareness of the past and how I felt before is helping me to look to the future so I can be as prepared as possible.

This chapter mostly raised my awareness of the changes I want to make, changes that will positively affect my life and help it be better.

Has awareness of an issue led you to make positive changes? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


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