What is our Purpose?

Jul 19

What is our Purpose?

Originally posted on February 2, 2014

Jake Smith* is a Christian. He’s been a Christian all his life. He goes to church, he reads his Bible, he prays. He has a job, he has a family, he drives a regular old sedan and has a mortgage on his house. But he wants to know what God’s Will is for his life. Yes, he does see it capitalized – God’s Will. Is he doing God’s Will?

I think most of us think that at many times in our life. If God has specifically told us to do something and we didn’t do it, which can happen, then no, we’re not doing God’s will. But if we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, then yes, we are doing God’s will. But in areas of careers, families, etc, how do we know? Here is how – are you fulfilling a passion? Are you using your talents? Are you excited and satisfied with your work? This is how you know.

The issue though, is that if we are following a passion or using a talent we then tend to think that we’re wrong. We’re obviously being selfish because we enjoy our life and our work. Don’t many Christians think that we should proselytize to  everyone we meet about Christ? We should want to do missionary work in a jungle somewhere?  We should preach or write or spread God’s message in some way. Isn’t it God’s will that we do something BIG and MAJOR for him? And I am saying no, it’s not. Sometimes, yes, a preacher becomes Billy Graham. A writer becomes Max Lucado. An artist becomes Thomas Kinkade. But, no. Sometimes God’s will is just to be yourself, using the talents he gave you.

We tell our children, “You can be whatever you want to be.” We encourage their talents and their dreams. We pay for music lessons, dance lessons, tutoring sessions. Sometimes we may wait a while to see if they’ll stick to something. We’re not going to buy a full out drum set for a six year old or toe shoes for a beginning ballerina. But if they stick with something, if it becomes a passion, then yes, most of us will encourage whatever it is in our kids. So why wouldn’t God encourage this in us?

God is not going to give us everything we ask for, of course, just like we won’t give everything to our kids just because they ask for it. And there may be some times he gives us something small, just to see what we’ll do with it. Just like what we do when our child wants to learn something new. We pay for a few lessons and wait and see. That’s what God is doing with us sometimes. He wants to wait and see. He’s saying, “Okay, I gave you this skill, this talent. What will you do with it?” And if we run with it, he will bless us. And all we have to do is be ourselves.

Yes, that’s all there is. God’s will is for us to be ourselves. We are to use the gifts he gave us to have a happy and satisfying life. Yes, there is the Great Commission, but that can be accomplished one by one, just by being a caring and supporting friend over a cup of coffee or a weekly lunch. As a Christian, you are making a difference in someone’s life and you may not even know it. Just living your life, living your faith, that is something big and major.

There is no secret purpose God has for you to do, something that you need to discover or something he’s keeping from you. Your talent, your passions, your energy – that is your purpose. Using those talents and skills for God – that is your purpose. Because God, our Heavenly Father, is saying to us, “You can be anything you want to be.”

*Jake is fictional and was created out of my head just at this moment 🙂

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