How Defined is Your Brand?

Jul 14

How Defined is Your Brand?

I found this infographic on Lifehack about personal branding and thought I’d go through it and see how well we’ve defined our brand. I know we still have some clarification to do, and we’ll be going through a renaming / rebranding in the next few years. These are a few items on the infographic that stood out to me.

Authenticity – Yes, we’re authentic. We use our real names and real stories and activities on this blog. It’s important to me to be authentic and share our story and adventures. I know there are others who use aliases, especially in the Internet Marketing field, but while I may have some anonymous niche sites I would always rather be authentic.

Content – I love to share a good mix of content and it can seem jumbled, but there is a plan. I post according to a theme. I call myself a lifestyle blog because we’re not yet a travel blog but we’re not a strictly business blog either. With us, it all fits together.

Define my Audience – I did that when I started this blog. I wanted to write it for people like me and Scott, people who wanted to live a different sort of life and how to start this process of preparation for a nomad-style traveling life and then what to do when it starts. I don’t really know who my audience is, though, or how to reach them, and that is a problem. The infographic suggests surveys, but I’ve done those before through a niche site that is very targeted and got back very little response.

Join – This was a great thing and I’m so glad I found the awesome blogging groups. I made a connected during Pat Flynn’s Let Go Day webinar, found out about a San Antonio blogging group, then found out about a statewide blogging group. These ladies – and a few gentlemen – have shared wonderful content that has inspired me to learn more, to take a trip, to change things up. Definitely join a blog group or network.

Keywords – I don’t build this blog around keywords. This is written completely based on what I want to write and the them of the the day’s post. But I do use my headline, tags and subheadings and I try to be clear and helpful. I hope that people will find the blog through long tail keywords. For example, someone searching for information about the San Antonio missions could find the series I wrote about each mission just by searching for the location.

Photo – I love the photos we had made. I do believe a great head shot is important and that we need to put a face to a brand today. Our photos were done by a relative in Georgia, and he did a great job.

You – Write conversationally. I absolutely do that. I think on a personal blog like this it’s important to be friendly and share experiences. That’s what I’m doing – sharing my experiences. When I describe a trip we took or a business idea or a plan, I want it to come out as if I’m sharing with a friend.

I don’t have all of the ABCs down, such as Linked In (I connect more on Facebook) and I don’t understand Google Analytics well enough to use the information. But I think I’ve got a good start on a brand for this blog.

How well do you fit into the ABCs of branding? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


  1. Knowing your brand is critical and knowing what is NOT your brand might be even more important. When I started sticking to my own aesthetic and turning down oops that didn’t make sense for me, things started taking off! Thanks for sharing.

    the cuteness

  2. yes, yes, yes to all of these things! Branding is super important!
    Southern Elle Style

  3. I’ve been trying to define my brand but I also want freedom in my writing.

  4. Great post. I am currently working on updating my site to make the brand more cohesive.

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