Our Road Trip Essentials

Jul 10

Our Road Trip Essentials

At the time of writing this, we’re getting ready for a road trip to visit our son in West Texas. We’re looking at an eight or nine hour trip into an arid, desert area, and we’re planning to drive all night, so I thought I’d share a few of our road trip essentials. I will link to things we’re going to buy, but this is NOT a sponsored post.

We’ll be taking regular cab pickup, so most of our things have to ride in the bed of the truck. But these are just a few of the things on the packing list.

Snacks are important on a road trip, but it gets a bit more difficult when you eat a gluten-free diet and you’re watching your sugar. We’re also heading towards the desert, so water is more important than soda. Before the trip, we’re planning to grab just a few of these little things:

Oscar Mayer P3 Protein packs – these are great for a snack. They’re inexpensive and gluten-free. I know they have preservatives and all that stuff, but we don’t eat them all the time, and they’re great for a road trip.

In the produce section at Walmart I’ve also found some store brand type “lunchable” packs with fruit, cheese and almonds or veggies (broccoli and baby carrots) with a ranch dip, cheese and almonds. These are usually under $3 each so we’ll be grabbing some of them as well.

I may pick up some bags of popcorn from the chip aisle, and we’re going to pack along some Rice Crispies cereal and some shelf stable milk to bring with us. This will help us save some money on food during our weekend away and we won’t have to eat in the restaurant for every meal.

Beef jerky is another favorite, but we have to be careful because of added gluten, so we’ll be reading the ingredients carefully. We’ll also bring along some canned chicken and tuna.

The Sam’s Club brand of bottled water, the case, is very inexpensive – under $5 a case – so we’ll probably pick up two of them to bring along, as well as some canned Arizona sweet tea.

Our son asks for gummy bears, so we’ll grab him a bag and maybe an extra one for me.

Aside from the food and water, we have to be sure we’ve got a full tank of gas. After we pass Alpine and head south to Terlingua, we may not see another gas station and if we do, you can bet the price will be higher than we’re used to.

I’m also going to bring a small pillow and one of my blankets. I get cold easily and Scott likes to run the AC on high. Since we plan to switch out driving during the trip, we each need to get as much sleep as we can. The pillow and blanket will help me stay comfortable.

The plan is to leave Friday night after Shabbat service and drive all night, reaching Lajitas Resort Saturday morning. We won’t be able to check into our room until later that day, but we’ll have breakfast with our son and spend Saturday with him and will more than likely go to bed early that night. We’ll be able to spend all day Sunday there and then head back to San Antonio on Monday afternoon. We’re taking Tuesday  as a vacation day as well.

So we’re the crazy people going to the desert in July, but I can’t wait to share the rest of this trip when we get back.

Are you going on a road trip? What do you like to bring along? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.



  1. I see that you focus on the food…I do too! Nothing is worse than an empty stomach (and full bladder) on a roadtrip!
    Southern Elle Style

  2. I love road trips! I ALWAYS have to take books and at least one crochet project to work on while we drive 🙂

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