Ebay and PayPal Splitting Up, But They’ll Still Be Friends

Jul 09

Ebay and PayPal Splitting Up, But They’ll Still Be Friends

The time has come for this separation to take place. On July 17 eBay and PayPal will become two companies once more.

According the eCommerce Bytes article, not much is going to change in how eBay handles payments. It will still mostly be business as usual. But buyers will be able to contact eBay and PayPal separately regarding purchases and they may still be able to file a claim with PayPal if they don’t like a decision that eBay made regarding their case. PayPal also cannot start their own marketplace and eBay can’t start their own payment system for a certain amount of time.

eBay sellers are hoping that with the split, eBay will be willing to open up to other payment processors. eBay stopped having sellers accept checks and money orders several years ago and most payments are now handled online, except in the case of a local pickup. I prefer PayPal, and will most likely continue to use it, but I may see what else is available so customers can have a choice. I most likely won’t accept checks or money orders if the option comes open again.

Do you buy or sell on eBay? Will you continue to use PayPal or be open to another processor? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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