Dinglewood Pharmacy Chili Dogs and the Lunchbox Museum, Columbus, GA

Jul 03

This was originally posted on May 23, 2014

Before we left Alabama we chose a few things we wanted to do, aside from spending time with our families. Since we were close to Columbus, Georgia and had decided to go to an RV Rally in Perry, Georgia one Monday I thought it would be fun to do something we’d never done – eat a chili dog at Dinglewood Pharmacy and visit the Lunchbox Museum, one of the fun and quirky places I’d seen and thought it would be fun to visit.

Dinglewood Pharmacy has been serving Columbus, Georgia, since 1918. It’s one of the few pharmacies that still has the original soda fountain. The scramble dog is supposed to be the best chili dog in the area. We decided to stop in for lunch before heading to the River Market Antique Mall and the Lunchbox Museum.

Dinglewood Pharmacy Scramble Dog     Since we eat gluten free, we didn’t have the bun. They say the chili is what makes the scramble dog great, and I have to say it was great chili. The pink hot dog makes me wonder how many preservatives and other junk I ate, but the hot dog was the smallest part of the meal.

If you decide to go in, know you want and go ahead and take a seat. The servers don’t seem to really pay attention to you once they take your order. We got our scramble dogs, but never got the fries we ordered or refills on our lemonade. There aren’t any combo meals, either, so be prepared to pay $6 – $7 per scramble dog, plus a drink.

After our lunch, we headed out to River Market Antique Mall. This was a hard place to find. Our GPS kept wanting to take us to 10th Street but needed 10th Avenue instead. Once that was cleared up, we made our way down to the antique mall.

river market antique mall The antique mall is behind a flea market that sets up on weekends. We were here on a Monday, so the area was mostly deserted. Yes, it’s a bit run down but don’t let the outside fool you. The entire building is full of antiques, collectibles and furniture.   Don’t go there thinking you’ll find a cheap deal, though. Scott found a Vampirella magazine without a cover from 1977 that cost him $6. They had checked something online and a quick Ebay search after we left confirmed our ideas – some of their pricing is based off of Ebay and maybe some other online sites.

The Lunchbox Museum is in the back of the antique mall. It cost $5 per person. They do have quite a large collection, and we found quite a few things that reminded us of our childhood.

Scooby Doo Mystery Machine lunch box

pac man traylunchbox museum room


I don’t think the Lunchbox Museum is really worth the $5 per person admission, though.

But it was a fun day and helped us get into the traveling mood we enjoy. Not everything we see or experience is going to be mindblowing and amazing. But we enjoyed having a day off work and being together.



  1. Looks like fun! I love seeing where people have traveled too!

  2. Looks like so much fun! It’s always great to read travel recaps.

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