My Favorite Android Apps (and One Computer App)

Jun 30

My Favorite Android Apps (and One Computer App)

I use my cell phone (or my phablet, I say with pride) all the time. It’s always with me and I use it just as much as my laptop. It’s wonderful having my own mini computer with me to help get work done, look up something, or listen to music or a podcast while I work on my laptop.

I use a Samsung Note 3 that runs on the Android OS, and these are the apps I use most often for work – Candy Crush and Sims Freeplay don’t count.

1. Google Now – Most of the apps I use are Google apps. I love Google Now because I can ask it pretty much anything. I use it mostly for directions while we’re traveling around town. We’ve lived in San Antonio a year, but this is a big city and it helps to know not only the best route but also the fastest route. Google Now syncs with the Navigation app and it provides us with traffic issues and turn-by-turn directions. Google Now is also synced with my Chrome browser, so it lets me know automatically when a blog I’ve read has posted something new or if a TV show I watched has a new episode out. I also get automatic weather alerts on my phone. Since we don’t have local TV, that’s been helpful during this recent bout of sudden storms and potential flash floods. I also use the reminder feature to remind me of appointments, phone calls and upcoming events I want to attend.

2. Google Keep – Keep is a list building and note taking tool. I’m using it to keep track of projects and tasks (in the Getting Things Done manner) and it supplements my written to do list where I just write out what project I’m working on. I use it this way – my  list tells me to work on blog posts. My Project List in Google Keep tells me step-by-step what I’m doing to complete that project (research the topic, write the post, upload a picture, work on a transcript, etc.)

3. Google Drive – I use Google Drive mostly to store files but I also use the Google Sheets program within Drive as a spreadsheet, primarily for my blog and email list content plan. It syncs up between my phone and my computers because I use the Chrome browser and I can open the file and add or edit anything no matter where I am.

4. Google Chrome – I love this browser. I used Firefox for a long time, but I love Chrome because I can be logged in to my laptop, my phone and my desktop and share the same bookmarks, logins, and even the same open tabs by using browser extensions. The only issue I’ve had with it is the automatic flash plug in will sometimes affect streaming video, so I had to find a workaround for that. Otherwise, it’s my go-to browser for all of my devices. I remember way back when I was using 2 computers I had to import my bookmarks from one to the other and transfer files via disk or email them to myself. Using this browser makes having multiple devices much easier.

5. The last app is on my Windows 8 laptop. I found it by accident the other day. I’ve had this computer for a while, but I haven’t used any of the apps on it, preferring to use it in desktop mode the way I’ve always used a computer. But I found Productivity Burst in there and opened it up. It uses a timer and a daily to-do list, similar to a pomodoro technique, and it will send a quick alert to let you know when your work time or break time is complete. I’ve had it running in the background recently, using it instead of my usual android app, and it’s done exactly what it’s supposed to do. I set it for a 30 minute work period and when time is up I get an alert.

I’m planning to go through the Windows 8 apps on the computer next month just to see what’s there. I have been using the Netflix app recently instead of running it through the desktop and it seems to be more streamlined and have a better interface than the full site.

What are your favorite apps on your phone or computer? Do you use your Windows 8 apps? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


  1. google has all of my favorite apps! Google chrome, google maps, snapseed…I could go on and on! totally agree:)
    Southern Elle Style

  2. Oh I need to check out that desktop timer! I’m to worst for getting lost in FB and Pinterest and waisting the day away instead of getting my to do list.

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