My Lipedema Story – Video

Jun 28

My Lipedema Story – Video

It’s the end of lipedema awareness month and I want to thank everyone who read the posts, listened to the interviews, and maybe came away with a little something. That could be awareness of a disorder you didn’t know existed or maybe a bit of enlightenment over fat bias and body shaming.

I’ve told my story before, but this time I thought I’d do it a bit differently. And, like I said the video with Stephanie, I’m going to show my legs. I haven’t shown my legs in a photo in years, although I’m starting to now and during our travel posts and pictures you’re going to see them more. I talk about a dream I had in this video, and when I woke up the words in the post graphic came to me. That’s when I knew I had to take back some of the things I’d lost when I started to hide my body.

Here is my story. (An update – the name of our ebay store is now twocreativenomads)





  1. This was so incredibly brave of you. Thank you for sharing your story, I’m sure it will help and impact others in a very positive way.


  2. thanks for your bravery and honesty! You never know how it will affect others <3
    Southern Elle Style

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