Personal Stories about Lipedema

Jun 21

Personal Stories about Lipedema

Many lipedema sisters and groups have been so creative in getting the word out about this disorder, not just in the media but in their own personal campaigns to spread awareness and tell their stories. Several of this sisters and their groups have made videos to share information with others in an understandable and personal way.

Michelle Phillips and a friend created a video to share her story. Parts of it are hard to hear because of the music, but she shares a lot of good information. You can find out more about Michelle (Chelle) on her Facebook page Lipedema Story

The wonderful and awesome Dutch group has made a video that has been FINALLY translated to English! It’s titled, We Want to Keep Moving.

The Canadian group has done a cute animated video – What is Lipedema?

The next video is Anje from Germany. At the end of the video she shows her body painted legs for the first time.

The LASS group in Australia has made a wonderful stop animation video – Fat Legs and All.

There are so many wonderful projects out there to help spread the word about this undiagnosed disorder that is shared by over 16 million women. Thank you for taking the time to watch these videos and I hope you will share this information with someone else.

Remember to visit the  I Fight Lipedema T-Shirt Campaign to support me and fellow lipedema sisters with health care needs.

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