A Walk on the Mission Trail Riverwalk

Jun 19

A Walk on the Mission Trail Riverwalk

San Antonio has five beautiful missions and one of the best things the city has been working on is expanding the Riverwalk from the downtown area all the way to Mission Espada, the furthest mission from downtown.

The mission trail is about 18 miles from Mission Espada to the downtown area. We live within a half hour from Mission San Juan Capistrano, so we’ve taken advantage of the beautiful weather we’ve had and gone for a few walks. We’ve been walking a loop from Mission San Juan to the Espada Dam and back again – almost four miles in all.

I started playing with Google Photos and all the great things the program assistant can create. Check out our album and the slideshow if you like.

Our Mission Trail Photo Album in Google Photos

Our Mission Trail Slideshow Stored in Google Photos

We start out by crossing the street at Mission San Juan and following a basic rock path. It’s not near the river but we’ve enjoyed seeing the flowers and the rabbits that hop along the trail. I especially love the sunflowers along the path. There is a restroom with a water fountain about halfway to the Espada Dam. There are two porta-potties at the picnic area at the Espada Dam but I didn’t see a water fountain there.

We cross the dam to the other side and return on the opposite path. This path is part of the completed trail. The sidewalk is paved and a lot of families pass us on bikes. The path is wide enough for anyone with a scooter or wheelchair as well. Benches and picnic tables line the side of the trail.

I watch out for frogs, snails, scorpions and ants while walking on the trail. There are several spots where large Texas-sized fireants seem to have taken over part of the hillside. We look for herons, egrets and ducks in the river. Once we reach the bridge, we turn left to head back to Mission San Juan, but the trail continues across the street and ends at Mission Espada. There is a water fountain at the end of the trail there at the bridge.

If you visit San Antonio or if you’re lucky enough to live here, be sure to visit the missions and the Riverwalk Mission Trail. Sure, if you’re downtown a part of it may be right outside your hotel. But if you’d like to get away from the crowds for a little while, why not rent a bike or take a stroll in the opposite direction.

Have you visited any of the San Antonio missions or the Riverwalk? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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