Lipedema Awareness Interview with Stephanie Graham

Jun 18

Lipedema Awareness Interview with Stephanie Graham

June is Lipedema Awareness Month and I’ve got some great things planned for this year.

If you’re not familiar with lipedema, you can start out by reading the posts I made last year for the 2014 blog hop – Have Lipedema Part 1Fat Legs Aren’t Our FaultLilith’s Road to RecoveryTaking Action – the Lymphedema Treatment Act and More. If you’re not familiar with lipdema, you can find out more at (I’m a contributing lifestyle blogger) and Lipedema Simplified and the Life with Lipedema Facebook page.

Remember to visit the Fight Lipedema T Shirt Campaign to support me and fellow lipedema sisters with health care needs. Sizes up to 4XL now available on some designs!

This year I have three four! special guests I’ll be introducing to you. These ladies are only a few of my lipedema sisters that I’ve met online. We interact through several Facebook groups nationally and internationally as well as state by state in the US. We pray together, we’ve helped support one another, and we continue to fight for our disorder to be recognized and understood by the medical community and society.

Stephanie photo

Stephanie Graham is an artist from Chicago, Illinois. She’s a photographer and is working on a short film project. We were both diagnosed around the same time four years ago and met online in a Yahoo! group. Stephanie is so much fun to talk to and I had a great time with this interview. You can see Stephanie’s work at .



Show Notes:

Stephanie Graham Interview Transcript

Links to medical research about lipedema, liposuction and more. Thank you to all the great reseachers at!

Fight Lipedema T-Shirt Campaign

Do you have lipedema or know someone who does? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


  1. I hadn’t heard of this condition before. I’ll be checking out some of those link you shared! I’m glad you’ve found people who “get it” and can help support you! I’ve got an auto-immune disease, so I know how important that is 🙂

    • Lipedema may be a type of auto-immune disorder. There’s a lack of research, but because of the inflammation aspect that’s how we’re treating it at the grassroots level.

  2. Loved, loved, loved this interview. You two were so engaged with each other, it was like overhearing a conversation between two friends. Pleasurable. I loved you showing your humanity–off the cuff, giggles in response to some of Stephanie’s comments and a result of natural flow you covered an amazing number of topics.

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