Lipedema in the Media

Jun 14

Lipedema in the Media

June is Lipedema Awareness Month!

If you’re not familiar with lipedema, you can start out by reading the posts I made last year for the 2014 blog hop – I Have Lipedema Part 1Fat Legs Aren’t Our FaultLilith’s Road to RecoveryTaking Action – the Lymphedema Treatment Act and More. If you’re not familiar with lipdema, you can find out more at (I’m a contributing lifestyle blogger) and Lipedema Simplified and the Life with Lipedema Facebook page. 

There have been so many videos made by my wonderful lipedema sisters and they’ve been featured in several newspaper and magazine articles as well. I can’t wait to share even more stories with you next week!

Sarah Bramblette has lipedema and lymphedema. She’s been an advocate for her own health care for several years and is now working on fat bias in the medical community. She has been on The Doctors in the US and recently gave a Tedx talk about perception.

The wonderful women in Australia, members of LASS, have worked on a photo shoot where they’re going to show their legs and tell their stories to the rest of the world. Carla Daly was featured in an article by the local Bendigo paper.

Bendigo Advertiser – Sufferers Share Their Burden

A documentary by lipedema sister Catherine Seo is finished! Catherine has spent about three years talking to doctors and researchers about lipedema. Her film is about 1 hour long and is free through June (you need to provide an email address to watch). You can watch the film at

Catherine and Nicole Zepeda, the model for The Lipedema Project, recently did an interview with Orlando, Florida’s local news channel 6. It was a very well done interview and focuses on not only the disproportion of the fat but also the other health concerns that go along with it. Watch the story on the Channel 6 website.

I am so proud of these ladies for getting their stories and the information about lipedema out into the world!

What did you think of the personal stories shared? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

Remember to visit the  I Fight Lipedema T-Shirt Campaign to support me and fellow lipedema sisters with health care needs. 




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