Weird and Wacky Places to Travel

Jun 05

Weird and Wacky Places to Travel

This post was originally shared on March 7, 2014

One of our favorite things to do is talk about all the places we want to visit once we have our RV. Yes, we want to go to some of the typical places we’ve heard about and read about over the years, like the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone Park. But there are a lot of other places I can’t wait to visit, places that are a bit unusual. This is where an awesome site – Roadtrippers – comes in.

Thanks to Roadtrippers, I’ve discovered a ton of weird and wacky places that I can’t wait to visit. I have about 30 on my bucket list now, and when I really wish we could go ahead and pack up to go, I visit my bucket list or browse the site to find more of these places.

So what types of places do I want to see?

International Cryptozoology Museum, Portland, Maine – Who doesn’t want to visit a museum dedicated to creatures like Bigfoot, the Lochness Monster and Megamouth? This is the only cryptozoology museum in the world, and I can’t wait to visit.

The Lunchbox Museum, Columbus, Georgia – Located inside of Rivermarket Antiques and Collectibles, the Lunchbox Museum is home to over 1000 lunchboxes and accessories. Why do I want to see this collection? Because it sounds fascinating and unusual.

Roswell UFO Museum and Research Center, Roswell, New Mexico – This is definitely an I-can’t-wait visit. I’ve been fascinated by stories of UFOs and aliens since I was little. Every time we talk about visiting the southwest, a visit to Roswell is definitely on our list of stops.

I’ll be visiting one of these places on March 17 and I’ll share the visit on the blog. Can you guess which one I’ll be visiting first? What weird, wacky and wonderful places do you want to visit? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. Those ARE some strange places! I’m going to have to check out Roadtripper!

  2. I’m drawn to weird places. My daughter sent us a postcard from a spoon museum. They were all sizes carved by one man. We need to go see that Big Foot museum. What a hoot.

  3. i can’t remember exactly where it is but I want to go to the Cadillac Ranch it’s weird and unusual;)

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