My Favorite Broadway Inspirational Songs Week 10

May 31

My Favorite Broadway Inspirational Songs Week 10

I’ve enjoyed plays and musicals for a long time, but it wasn’t until I started watching Glee that I was really introduced to musical theater – the stories and the lyrics to the songs. I have to credit Glee for introducing me to these songs and their inspirational messages, but now that I know they’re out there I’m looking for more. For the next 10 weeks I’ll be sharing my favorite inspirational songs from musicals – the stage or the movie version if that’s the one I know. 

What is your quest? What is your purpose? Everyone has one. You may even know what it is but you’re not doing it. I’ve discovered my quest was something I had all along. I wanted to be a writer, but it seemed too easy. Surely my quest, my purpose, should be more difficult. But that’s not true. Our quest, our purpose, was given to us for a reason. We were specifically created for this quest, for this purpose.

I like The Impossible Dream song because it’s about continuing on with your purpose and not giving up, to try to reach that star no matter how far.

What is your quest? What is your purpose? No matter what it may be, keep reaching for it, even when it seems far away. When you accept your calling and start your quest you’ll find so many doors opening for you. Miracles will seem to just happen.

My purpose, my quest, is to inspire others through my writing and in other creative ways. What’s yours? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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