Computing a Road Trip Across the US

May 29

Computing a Road Trip Across the US

Last week I shared my optimal trip across the UK and Ireland along with a link to Randall Olson and his computerized road trip plan for all of Europe. This week I’m looking at his optimal trip through the US.

Randall’s version compiles and includes national landmarks and monuments, and that’s great. Most of those places are definitely places I want to see. But there’s other places I want to visit that are unique to me and my husband that most likely wouldn’t be on this map. It would be on the Geektown guide section of Roadtripper – places like Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Rocky Ridge Farm, Sleepy Hollow in New York, and the HP Lovecraft sites in Rhode Island.

As I look at his map, I think it will give us a great place to start when we’re ready to begin traveling. We wanted to start out west anyway, so I’ll take a section and talk about my dream places to go along this route. This route also would depend on the time of year. We plan to travel in the south / west during the fall and winter and in the north during the summer.

We’re starting in San Antonio, Texas, so we would be heading west, and I’m assuming it’s fall. I wouldn’t go directly to El Paso, though. We’d stop off and visit our son in Terlingua, Texas and spend some time in Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park. We’d also try to see the Marfa lights. Then we’d continue west to El Paso. From El Paso as we headed north we’d definitely stop in Roswell and the surrounding area. Instead of continuing north to Colorado, we’d continue west to the Grand Canyon, Vegas to see the Hoover Dam, and into California. And that’s how we’d spend our first winter.

Another option would be to head east instead, heading straight to New Orleans unless we just wanted to take our time and travel through Oklahoma and Arkansas for this first trip. After our stay in Mobile, Alabama, though, we’d head north to visit friends and family in Montgomery and Birmingham before traveling into Georgia. I do love that they chose the Okefenokee Swamp instead of Atlanta to visit in Georgia. I’ve never been, and it’s a place I want to visit. So we’d visit a while with family in Alabama and Georgia, before heading to Florida. I want to go to Key West, so we’d probably spend the winter traveling down one side of the Florida peninsula and spend as long as possible on Key West or in the area. Then we’d head up the other side of the peninsula after the first of the year, making our way north for the spring and summer.

I love to look at routes and plans that other travelers take. I like to know the reasoning behind it and why they go where they go. Planning our route, where to stay and what to see excites me. I can’t wait till we’re planning that first leg of our full-time RV adventure.

What would be your dream trip across the US? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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