Visit to the Japanese Tea Garden, San Antonio

May 15

Visit to the Japanese Tea Garden, San Antonio

One Monday afternoon we decided to visit another place I’d heard was one of the most beautiful places in San Antonio – and it was free. I wasn’t disappointed.

The Japanese Tea Garden is part of the city parks system and is near the San Antonio Zoo. It is free admission and it is one of the loveliest and quietest places in the city. You can hardly tell that the interstate is nearby.

The tea garden used to be the site of a quarry. This is why I got the feeling of being inside of a canyon when we were at the bottom of the garden. The area had been mined and dug out of the side of a hill, and when the quarry moved to the north side of town the city took over the spot.

When you first walk up to the pavilion on the top of the hill, you’re looking down into a peaceful, green area filled with trees, flowers, water and wildlife. We saw two ducks and a turtle in the water while we were there. The waterfall wasn’t flowing – possibly because of the water shortage in Texas – but they also had signs up that they were preparing to start some renovations this summer.

The pictures we took don’t do it justice. If you get a chance to spend some time in the Japanese Tea Garden, it’s worth it. We spent about an hour just wandering around the path and enjoying the nice weather. There is a handicapped accessible path from the parking lot that leads down to the bottom of the garden, but be sure to get a glimpse from the pavilion too.

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