My first niche website

May 12

My first niche website

This was previously published on January 16, 2014

Tuesday I talked about Niche websites.

I built my first niche site in early 2011.

The site is My goal in starting the site was to share how to start and run a general transcription business. I’d had the idea for a while, but it wasn’t until the divorce and those changes that I just up and did it. My main goal was for it to be my flagship niche site and to eventually build more.

I’ve been trying to earn income online since the late 1990s. I read a lot of books, visited websites, and fell for some hyped up products. I came across Site Build It in the early 2000’s, but they wanted $299 upfront and I just never had it. But I still kept trying and it wasn’t until I started my transcription service business that I actually started making some money online. So I thought I’d show others what I’d done.

Adsense DatesI joined Google Adsense in 2005 as well to try to earn money that way through advertising. I got a few clicks, I never got to the minimum payout of $100. Not until 2012 when I’d had my site up with SBI for about a year. It took me 7 YEARS to earn a payout doing things my way. It’s taking 1 year to earn a second payout after building an information business with SBI.

SBI is not just about setting up a website. It’s about a building a business. My business is sharing and selling information. It doesn’t matter what the business is about, SBI helps it grow.

SBI’s action guide, both in written and video forms, offer step-by-step instructions on keyword research, planning your site, the CTPM concept (content, traffic, pre-sell and monetization). Most “gurus” talk about the monetization first, but if there’s no content or traffic what’s the point?

It’s easy to create a website with SBI as well. They take care of all the technical stuff on the backend and tell you exactly what you need to do. If you do need some help, they have awesome support people and a forum of other SBI members that are willing to help.

I got my first email list sign up when the site had been up almost a year. That was exciting! Then when I had about 50 pages up I added adsense to the site. I also added in two ebooks. And in 2012 I finally got my first check from adsense! I’ll get my next one in 2014. No, it’s not a lot of money, but it’s better than the pennies I’d been getting for all those years.

I now have over 100 people on my email list and I sell my ebooks consistently. I can say without a doubt that SBI has finally taught me the skills needed to build an online business, and I’m confident in building more niche websites in the future.

If you’re not familiar with building an online business or you’ve tried and it failed, try SBI.

If you are familiar with building an online business or websites or WordPress, there is another option now as well. SBI offers a WordPress action guide plug-in called bizXpress. This way you can use your own hosting, your own site with whatever theme you already have, and just add in the SBI WordPress plug-in to get the action guide. The action guide will help you build your business if it’s not doing well or help you start a new one. There’s a free version and a paid version of the plug-in.

No, this site isn’t built with SBI. This site and and my services site is hosted at Hostgator and built with WordPress. But I still have my transcription site with SBI and Scott just got an SBI site and is working through the action guide. I’m not leaving SBI anytime soon. So why is this site on WordPress and not SBI? Because I feel I now have the tools and skills needed, thanks to my experiences with SBI. At some point I may transfer my domain and my site away from SBI, but for the time being I’m very happy with how the site is performing. I also have the access to keyword searches and the action guide whenever I need help.

The Internet is a world of information. I believe niche websites will play a large part in our freedom businesses and SBI got me started on that path.

Affiliate disclaimer – The links to SBI and to the SBI action guide plug-in are affiliate links. If you purchase through my link, I will get a percentage of the purchase price.


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