Kill These 3 Distractions and Boost Productivity

May 07

Kill These 3 Distractions and Boost Productivity

I have a fairly long to do list that I work on during the week, but even with my pomodoro timer and my focus periods, I still have a tendency to get distracted. I’m working on stopping these distractions so I can get more done each day and so I can put work behind me at the end of the day and enjoy my evening guilt free.

Distraction #1 – Phone Notifications

I haven’t turned off my phone notifications yet, but I’ve gotten better at ignoring them. Sometimes I’ll turn my phone off completely, turn down the volume or turn it around so I can’t see the blinking light. After my pomodoro or focus session, I then give myself time to check my notifications. Most of the time they weren’t that important and the messages are something I can read or respond to later. But I’ve gotten used to checking Facebook and my email as soon as the notification goes off and that hinders my productivity.

Now hearing that eBay cha-ching sound – that will never get old! As soon as I hear it I check the app to see what we sold.

Distraction #2 – Text Messages

These can go under the phone notifications too, but since they’re texts and it could be from my son or another family member I want to be sure to see and respond to these in a timely manner. I may quickly check the text and then lay the phone back down and respond to it later. But that still causes a distraction and interruption of my day. I do the same thing with text messages that I do with social media and email notifications – I have the sound turned down or the phone turned off, then I respond to the text message on my next break. I have to be careful not to get caught up in a conversation with my son or a friend when I should be working. If my son texts me and needs some information that I don’t have readily available, I’ll let him know when I can get him the information and add it to my to do list.

Distraction #3 – Television and You Tube

We don’t have cable TV, but we do have Hulu and Netflix and access to all of the TV network websites. It’s easy to get caught up in binge watching a show – Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix is a must see – and not getting work done. If you’re working in an office instead of at home, it could be just as easy to get caught up in You Tube videos. There have been times I’ve allowed myself a day to binge watch something, but if I realize I’m just procrastinating then close out of Netflix or Hulu and get to work, reminding myself that the show will still be there later that evening. I know that watching TV for most of the day won’t help me reach my goals, so keeping those goals where I can see them and reminding myself of what we want to accomplish makes it easier to turn away from the distractions and get busy.

What distracts you during your work day? How do you handle it? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.




Boost Productivity: Kill These 3 Distractions.

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