Our First Year in Texas

May 01

Our First Year in Texas

I’m writing this on the anniversary of our three day drive from Opelika, Alabama to San Antonio, Texas. We left late on a Sunday evening, later that we’d hoped, and formed a three-car caravan heading to Mobile, Alabama. I drove our van, the back end packed to the roof with Ariel on the second seat and Scrappy in his carrier on the passenger seat. Our son drove his car, also filled with suitcases and boxes, and our cat, Sunshine, in her carrier. Scott drove the UHaul, also packed with everything we hadn’t been able to sell or give away in the eight weeks we’d been planning the move. You can also read about Why We Moved to Texas.

I barely remember our first week here. We were all so tired. We reached our new home-slash-job on a Wednesday afternoon and spent the evening unloading the truck and buying groceries. We had to return the truck the next morning, so it had to be completely unloaded that night. We were up until after 1:00am, then up again at 7:00 to return the truck and get ready for our first day at work.

I’m thankful that our supervisor was patient with us that first week. I was half asleep most of the first two days and instead of eating lunch during our breaks I took a half-hour nap. We were so thankful for our first Sunday and Monday off. We just stayed home, slept and rested. Our son found a job nearby fairly quickly and we started to fall into a routine.

We had a lot of issues the first two months we were here. We had a hard time getting Internet as we’re in a rural area outside of San Antonio. Then our air conditioner went out, followed by the stackable washer and dryer. But we dealt with everything the best we could and everything was fixed before the blistering heat of our first Texas summer.

We started exploring the area within the first month, getting the know everything around us. We got lost a few times, missed an exit or two, but with our first year behind us we’re getting to know the city more and enjoying the activities available.

Here are a few things we’ve been up to over the past year:

Visits to the San Antonio Missions – the wrap up post

Birthday lunch at the Tower of the Americas

Camping at Lake Brownwood

Institute of Texas Cultures

San Antonio Art Museum

Lunch at Sweet Yams

We’ve also visited downtown San Antonio, found some wildflowers, attended our first Fiesta event and taken a picture of the cowboy boots at the North Star Mall. We still have several things left on our San Antonio Bucket List, so I don’t think we’re going to run out of things to do. You can see more of what we’ve done by following the tag “Texas Travel” under this blog post.

We have a lot of plans, personally and for our businesses. We’ve had some difficulties, like not having a vehicle for almost three months when the transmission went out in our van, so we’re hoping that this next year will be a lot less drama and a lot more good stuff. I’ve met some great people through a local blogging group, we’ve attended several churches in the area and we’re building friendships and relationships there. Our serenity project is still moving forward, but due to some health concerns that goal is having to change. I’ll be talking more about that in June during Lipedema Awareness month. But for right now we’re happy we came here and we’re looking forward to a lot more adventures in San Antonio and the surrounding area.

Do you have a suggestion for a place we should visit within two hours of San Antonio? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.





  1. Welcome to Texas! I have been to San Antonio once and I loved it. The River walk is beautiful.

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