Alternative Business Ideas – Oyster Farming

Apr 28

Alternative Business Ideas – Oyster Farming

If you live near the coast of Maryland, you may have heard about oyster farming.

Oyster farming is also called aquaculture. Oysters naturally grow in the waters of Maryland, but a farmer contains them and grows them for human consumption in cages that rest on the bay bottom. While they are growing, the oysters filter and clean the water. They can suck and spit up to 50 gallons every day. Once the oysters have matured, they are sold for human consumption.

Oyster farming isn’t harmful to the environment, but crabbers and other fisherman in the areas are asking that the state limit the leases and the licenses for farmers. They say they can’t fish or crab in the areas where the oyster cages are being kept. Waterfront property owners also say the cages disrupt their view. Despite the arguments, there have been 111 oyster farming leases issued by the state of Maryland. Delaware is also considering a state controlled leasing program as well.

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