Wildflowers are Blooming

Apr 24

Wildflowers are Blooming

When we moved here last year it was too late to see the wildflowers, including the bluebonnets, in bloom. I didn’t realize how popular these flowers were until this spring when the locals on my Facebook groups started talking about hunting down bluebonnet fields for photos. So we went on short drive down toward Floresville, TX and found a couple of wildflower fields. Not long after that drive, though, we found some beautiful fields just up the road from our house – one right across the street from the gas station we use. Trust me, these pictures do not do it justice. The pink flowers that grow with the bluebonnets are called Indian Paintbrush. When they’re all mixed together it makes  a beautiful field.

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The bluebonnet is the Texas state flower. You aren’t supposed to pick them and it seems as though no one really cuts their grass during the time they’re in bloom, or if they do they cut around them. The wildflowers are celebrated here – there’s a Bluebonnet Festival – and people travel throughout southeast Texas to see them and take photographs. I joined the Facebook page Texas Bluebonnet Sightings to find out the best fields near me. As I said we drove to Floresville, but I think next spring we may head down to Poteet and maybe do a drive into the hill country as well.

According to the Bluebonnet Love website, travelers frequent the “bluebonnet triangle” between Houston, San Antonio and Dallas / Fort Worth. This is the prime area for bluebonnets as it has the right weather conditions and soil for them to grow.

I am not a gardener – my mom and grandmother got that gift – but I have to admit the flowers are beautiful and I’m glad that people enjoy seeing them and don’t cut them down. If you’re traveling through Texas right now, the odds are that you will see at least one field of wildflowers during your drive.

Have you seen the Texas bluebonnets? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


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