Travel Flashback – Ghost Tour in Saint Augustine

Apr 17

Travel Flashback – Ghost Tour in Saint Augustine

This was the biggie, the reason we went to Saint Augustine after our cruise.

Most cities have a ghost tour. Someone dresses up in a costume and walks around the city telling you stories that may or may not be true about the area and the buildings you’re passing. But this was different. This was more of a ghost hunt than a tour. We would be using EMF readers and there were always possibilities of getting a photo of a ghost.

We checked into our hotel – an awesome Country Inn and Suites for $60 a night with fresh baked cookies on the counter and a lending library – and took a nap. After an early dinner we headed out for our tour.

I don’t know if the company is still in business or if it’s been sold. I can’t find the original website. This was way back in the early 2000s, and there wasn’t an online ticket option. You had to call the phone number on the website and make an appointment for the tour and give your card number over the phone. It was $25 per person, non refundable.

We showed up and met our guide – the owner of the company – and a few other ghost hunters. We received our EMF readers and started to walk around the town. We visited the old jail, the fort, and a cemetery. One haunted site was a parking lot with a huge oak tree on the edge. The guide said the oak tree was one of the trees that had been used for hangings. We didn’t have a very good digital camera, so none of our pictures turned out well, but a lot of people got pictures with orbs in them.

This was much better than a typical costumed guide telling stories tour. The owner of the company was the guide, and he had several photo albums filled with ghost pictures from the tours he’d given. He had photos of orbs and several other wispy shapes. After the tour we went to a local restaurant and looked at the albums and talked to the guide and the rest of the group. It was a fun way to spend a Friday night and our first night in Saint Augustine.

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