My Goal Social Media Content – Build Relationships

Apr 16

My Goal Social Media Content – Build Relationships

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I am still struggling with social media content. There are some days I don’t post anything and then others when I feel like I’m posting all the time. There are thousands of searches on “what do I post on Facebook?” and tips about graphics and content. I think that we’re all making this more difficult than it needs to be, though.

My goal with social media is to build relationship. I’m still learning how to use social media to connect with potential and current readers. I’m always learning and I want to grow in this area. I don’t really have a strategy, and since I have a strategy for the blog writing I should have a strategy for social media. All I want to do right now is build relationship, and social media is the best place to do that. This means I typically share the following types of posts:

  • Photos of our pets.
  • Events we’ve been to or are going to.
  • Problems and issues we’re struggling through.
  • Funny memes I want to share.
  • Discussion about the TV shows I watch.

These posts are personal, and they’re meant to be. That’s what social media is about. It’s not all about selling or promotion. I’ve left some celebrity Facebook pages because all they did was sell. I want to hear about their lives away from the TV show or movies.

I also share content from other bloggers that I personally read or interesting things I find online. If there’s an article I find that fits my niche demographic, I share it. I’m also a member of two blogging networks – one for San Antonio and one for the State of Texas. These bloggers are so talented and I’m happy to be a part of these groups. They always post perfect content and I’m happy to share it on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ll come up with a better social media strategy as I continue to learn and grow. But I never want to forget that my number one goal is to build relationship with my readers and I want to share content that meets that goal, no matter what the future brings.

What is your goal for social media content? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.





  1. I am very personal on my social media accounts as well. I want readers to be my friends. I want them to be a part of my every day life if they want to join in. I strive to be honest and real, and share my true voice through my images. I absolutely love it, and have made TRUE friends through social media (we text each other when we find out we’re pregnant type of friends!)

    Have fun and good luck!

  2. I have the same goal as you, Christina – to build relationships with my readers, other writers, and professionals in the writing field. Relationships are built through two-way conversations, not by someone monopolizing the conversation. Social media works best when we share a variety of content and respond to what others are sharing.

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