Can You Move an eBay Business?

Apr 14

Can You Move an eBay Business?

When we moved to Texas we’d only been selling on eBay for about three months. I tried to keep selling as we packed the house and got rid of things, but it was too much. We only had eight weeks and we were all still working. I didn’t leave my job until a week before we left town. We packed up our eBay inventory – both listed and unlisted – and got rid of a lot more things all the way up until the day we left.

It would be much harder to move and keep our eBay business going today. We have about 300 items in our eBay store now and want to add more. We’re having to revamp our storage space and we’re starting to keep an inventory log. We didn’t need that before. Before we could list something and know where it was and what box it was in. We just have too many things and can’t take that chance anymore.


Moving an eBay Store

Before moving again, I would do the following:

Downsize as much as possible, both from eBay inventory and personally. We’re doing this anyway since we want to live and travel in an RV.

Have a yard sale to clear out some inventory and still get something for them. Be sure to remove them from eBay if you go this route.

When it came time to move, I would put the store on vacation and change the handling time, giving myself a few days on both sides of the move to make sure everything gets settled correctly. With that said, don’t take the store off vacation until you know the tech stuff is worked out. When we moved to Texas we had to rely on our phone data for almost two months as we couldn’t get Internet in our rural area for a little while. Luckily, we had that as backup.


eBay in an RV?

Since we are planning to live and work from an RV, some people have asked us how we plan to keep selling on eBay at that point. We won’t have the space to store much inventory and we’ll be moving around to different zip codes. This is our plan right now. All plans are subject to change once we actually get the RV.

Downsize the inventory to small items with great profit potential and leave the big items behind. We’ve talked about looking for designer ties, small toys and plush, porcelain gearshift knobs for car rebuilds, jewelry, scarves, coins. This will allow us to have a good inventory but the items won’t take up much space.

Store our inventory in no more than four plastic tubs. We plan to have a towable travel trailer and a cargo van for towing. The inventory, along with seasonal clothing and bedding, will be in the van while the things we need in the camper will be in the camper. One tub will be for shipping supplies. Anything else we need we can scavenge or buy on the road.

We’ll ship from camp grounds or a local post office, and I’ll use the eBay bulk editor to change the shipping zip code every week or when we move. We plan to stay in most places at least a month, so that won’t be a big deal.

Have you ever moved and kept your eBay store open, or have you traveled and still sold on eBay while on the road? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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